Wifarer's award-winning indoor positioning apps help students, staff and visitors navigate the campus and access useful information.

Turn-by-turn directions

Students can search for anything - a professor's office, a study group - and receive directions straight there, including travel time and distance.

Indoor positioning

Students glance at their smartphones to see their indoor locations in real time. Indoor "GPS" means they never get lost on campus.

Content management

Wifarer's online tools make it easy to update content, with changes appearing instantly when the app is launched.

Save locations

Students save important campus locations - a classroom, a locker - to make it easier to get back.

Hyper-local content

Wifarer's indoor positioning technologies can sense a student's location and enable the delivery of useful hyper-local information.

Wheelchair accessible

Opt-in accessible routing for students with mobility challenges makes it easier for everyone to get to their destinations.

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