Manage your location's app with our friendly online tools.

Updates are instant so your app is always current.

We designed our content management system with non-technical users in mind, so it has a friendly interface and is a snap to use. Go online anytime to edit your main page, content, location-aware media, or directories. Since changes appear instantly when your app is launched, it's always up to date and accurate. Customize your app by changing the main page to reflect your brand, a special event, a seasonal celebration, a new exhibit and more.


Attach location-aware media anywhere inside.


Use our content management system to attach rich media - audio, video, or text - to any indoor location. Museums can attach a video about the artist anyplace in a gallery; hospitals can attach information about a medical procedure to a waiting room; retailers can attach special offers to specific store locations; stadiums and airports can attach menus and coupons to concessions, and so on. Because Wifarer's indoor positioning technology senses a visitor's location, we automatically make your content available at the right place - no QR code scanning or code texting required.

Customize your app's directory and add useful content.

Create a directory for your location's app to make it easy for visitors to browse and explore. Select categories from our drop down list or create your own.


Attach a description to any indoor point of interest, and change it anytime. As retail tenants come and go, as clinics relocate, and as new exhibits are presented, your app's content will always be up to date.



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