Our Story

Wifarer is a leader and pioneer in indoor positioning technologies. Our mobile Apps and cloud solutions are powered by our advanced indoor positioning algorithms and navigation technologies, and help businesses connect to customers in new ways.

Our clients are hospitals, airports, museums, stadiums, shopping centers and universities around the World. They use our indoor “GPS” and turn-by-turn directions to ensure their visitors never get lost, our interactive directories and location-aware content to keep their visitors engaged and our analytics platform to understand their visitor's needs.

At the heart of our solution are our positioning algorithms and online tools that make it simple to build and manage our indoor positioning apps, analytics engine and SDK. Our clients rave about our content management system, which makes it easy to customize their app’s look and feel, add directories, and attach rich media to any indoor location. And our analytics are breaking new ground, by combining traditional in-app search data with movement analytics to deliver extraordinary insights into customer behavior and venue use.

Wifarer is more than a mobile software company - we are at the forefront of IPS research. We hold a robust portfolio of intellectual property related to indoor positioning and navigation, and have received many awards for our innovations. Our research scientists are continuously refining our algorithms and inventing the features that have established us as industry leaders.

Wifarer was founded in 2010 in Victoria B.C. By 2011, we had filed our first patents, piloted our solution, and won the first of many awards for innovation. In 2012, we launched our indoor “GPS” app at the Royal BC Museum - the first in the world to locate exclusively with standard commercial WiFi, with no expensive custom hardware. In 2012, we opened our Silicon Valley office and began our US expansion. We are deploying new locations as fast as we can process requests including such great venues as the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the Vancouver International Airport.

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