Our analytics provide deep insight into customer behavior

Number of visitors at your location.

By combining app-useage data and visitor movement data, Wifarer's analytics are breaking new ground. Go online to access our analytics and learn more about how visitors interact with your space. Browse app-useage data to see what searches are popular, what content is accessed, what media is consumed, and what directions are requested. Of course, you can also see how many visitors use your location's app by day, week, month or year.


Analyze visitor movement


Dive deep into our movement analytics to gain powerful insight into visitor behavior. You may know how many people walk through the door, but do you know what they do once they're inside and who they are? Find out where your customers actually go and how long they stay. Use the insights from Wifarer's analytics to serve your customers better and to optimize your business. All data is anonymous and aggregated. Our "herd" analytics provide insight into group behavior, while protecting the privacy of individual users.

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