Wifarer’s tools make it easy to create and maintain an indoor positioning app.


Activation tools

Deploying Wifarer's indoor positioning technology is easy. Simply walk around your location with our calibration software, scanning the WiFi or BLE signals to create digital fingerprints. Now available for mobile devices, our fingerprinter makes it easy to activate our indoor positioning solutions in venues, greatly simplify the adoption of IPS into already existing or new iOS and Android Apps.


Content management tools

Wifarer's online CMS makes it easy to create and manage content for your indoor positioning app. Design a custom look and feel, upload directories and attach layers of rich media to any location with just a few clicks. Update your content as often as you want, to reflect changes in your location, new categories in your directories, or just to add new hyper-local content for your customers to enjoy. Since changes appear instantly when customers launch your app, it's always up to date.

Analytics tools

By combining traditional in-app search data with smartphone movement data, our analytics are breaking new ground. See what content is viewed, what destinations are popular and what directions are requested. Leverage the power of indoor positioning technology to find out where your customers actually go and how long they stay. Use these insights into visitor behavior and venue use to enhance your customer experience and optimize your operations.

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