Create your indoor positioning app

Design, development and testing are complete. The rest is easy.


Positioning Engine Determination

Based upon your needs and infrastructure, we'll suggest one or a combination of the indoor positioning engines that we support - Mobile Centric Wifi, Network Centric Wifi (Cisco MSE) or Mobile Centric Bluetooth LE / iBeacon.'


Optimize your maps

Send us your floorplans and we'll convert them into mobile-friendly maps.

Activate your location

If the appropriate positioning engine is mobile-centric, simply walk around your location with our mobile fingerprinter ( calibration software) to create digital fingerprints from your WiFi or Bluetooth LE / iBeacon signals. This takes only a few hours, and enables your location to support Wifarer's mobile centric indoor positioning solutions.



Develop your mobile app

Use our SDKs to build your own app, work with us on a custom app, or, if you're on a budget, consider our standard app. Android and iOS.

Manage your content

Use our content management system to establish POI's and navigation, add content to specific map coordinates, and manage maps.


Inform your customers

We'll share best practices around driving app awareness and downloads in your venue.

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