Wifarer's indoor positioning apps improve customer engagement.


Indoor positioning

Your customers simply glance at their mobiles to know their exact location in real time. Indoor "GPS" means they never get lost.


Turn-by-turn navigation

Wifarer draws a path from your customer's current location to their destination and provides travel time and distance. Wifarer also enables seamless floor changes.


Location-aware content

Indoor positioning technology reveals the location of your customer's mobile device so you can you automatically deliver hyper-local content at the right place, without “check-ins” or QR code scans.


Wheelchair accessible routes

Opt-in accessible navigation helps customers with mobility challenges get to their destinations with ease.


Interactive directories

Your customers can browse media, offers and eating and shopping options. Event calendars, staff directories, flight information and transit schedules can also be included.


Save locations

Your customers can save any location - where they parked their car, a meeting point - so it's easy to return to later.


Indoor-outdoor navigation

Integration of GPS, WiFi, iBeacons and/or Bluetooth LE data allows your customers to navigate seamlessly and accurately inside buildings and from one building to another.


Search and go

Customers search the interactive directory to find what they looking for, tap "take me there", and Wifarer draws them a path from their current location to their destination, including time and distance. Our indoor "GPS" makes it easy for customers to get where they want to go.

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